The Advil Pain Equity Project

Advil Pain Equity Project introduces Believe My Pain

The Advil Pain Equity Project Introduces Believe My Pain

While many organizations and individuals within the Black community are working to address pain bias, we believe it takes greater involvement from the broader health community to solve this systemic issue.

That’s why Advil, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) and BLKHLTH have decided to team up in a mission for pain equity.

Together, we’re committed to taking on challenges at the source, through research, education and collaboration.


Illuminating the impact of pain equity through powerful research

Advil, with guidance from Morehouse School of Medicine, surveyed 2000 people in America to assess the real impact of pain on their lives. Topics included pain experience, life impact, pain management, and perceived bias. The study found that 64% of Black individuals felt their healthcare providers treat people of their race and ethnicity worse than people of other races and ethnicities.

Funding solutions to progress medical education

The launch of Advil’s Pain Equity Fund included grants to both Morehouse School of Medicine and BLKHLTH. Part of the grants will be used to partner with other leading experts to begin to develop a pain-equity-focused training for medical students that will be piloted next year.

Developing tools and resources for improved pain management

A workshop during National Pain Awareness Month with Morehouse School of Medicine students aimed to better understand the key drivers of inequitable pain care and what needs to change from a medical training perspective. This resulted in the development of digital tools and resources aimed at helping Black patients improve their clinical experience in the near term.

Key resources for HCPs

CE Webinar

Continuing Education Webinar

Haleon is proud to support “Addressing Inequities in Pain Management,” an accredited CE course available at no cost to physicians.

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Resources to help facilitate better HCP & patient conversations

Tools & Resources

Access downloadable research summaries and guides designed for patients and HCPs.

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Patients discussing pain inequity

Patient Stories & Conversations

Explore true stories about pain inequity from patients.

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