Sensodyne Clinical White Toothpaste

New Sensodyne Clinical White

Sensodyne Clinical White helps patients whiten without sacrificing sensitivity protection.

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parodontax Active Gum Repair Breath Freshener Toothpaste

New parodontax Active Gum Repair Breath Freshener

Our latest innovation clinically proven to tackle 4 signs of early gum problems: bleeding, redness, inflammation, and bad breath.

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Personalized Learning System

We know how important continuing development is for your professional career and we want to be your partner on the journey. We have created the Personalized Learning System with access to continuing development, research and science, all in one place, customized just for you.

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Provide your patients with a product sample when you make your expert recommendation to encourage them to make changes for better oral health.

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Brush Up

Brush Up!

Visit our Contributor Network page featuring topical articles, developed by your peers, to help refresh your knowledge.

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Personalized Learning System

Personalized Learning System

Access to continuing development, research and science learning modules customized for you.

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Patient care resources

Access educational resources for you to share with your patients, to improve their understanding about their oral health.

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