Listen to pain. Listen to cues. Improve pain management.

Knowing the person behind the pain helps you provide better pain management solutions

The Global Pain Index (GPI) study was conducted with 19,000 respondents, capturing their relationship with pain since it impacts everyone differently. There is a gap between HCPs and patients when talking about and treating pain. In fact, only 39% of patients seek treatment immediately while 50% will wait to hours, days or weeks, and 10% suffer silently, not treating their pain at all.

We’ve established five distinct patient profiles based on the GPI study to help facilitate better patient conversations about their pain and help you provide personalized treatment strategies for your patients.

Each patient is unique

Image of a serious man. Text: Pain is out of control

Derek’s pain is out of control

Derek often feels limited by his pain including the impact it has on his life and is unhappy with his current treatment. He is open to discussing his pain with healthcare professionals and is looking for advice and recommendations.

Listen to Derek and help patients like him.

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Image of a smiling man. Text: Pain is a signal

For Sebastian, pain is a signal

Sebastian’s muscle pain impacts his ability to enjoy time with his loved ones. He is open to discuss his pain with healthcare professionals and seeks a quick recovery.

Listen to Sebastian and help patients like him.

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Image of a young woman looking worried. Text: Pain is scary

Pain scares Carol

Pain makes her anxious, but she only talks about it if it’s severe or if probed by a healthcare professional.

Listen to Carol and help patients like her.

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Image of a smartly dressed woman. Text: Pain is life

For Stephanie, pain is life

She ignores pain and believes it’s a part of busy life. She seeks help from a healthcare professional to treat the pain only when it becomes too severe as they have helped in the past when it became unbearable.

Listen to Stephanie and help patients like her.

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Image of a smiling man wearing glasses. Text: What pain?!

Sourav dismisses pain

Sourav believes that he is stronger than pain. He is cynical when it comes to dealing with his pain and doesn’t bother discussing his pain with healthcare professionals.

Listen to Sourav and help patients like him.

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It’s More Than Just A Conversation: How We Can Better Listen to Pain

Graphic of a man and a woman looking in pain overlaid with words used to describe their pain

#ListenToPain Expert Advice

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