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Equipping you to have better conversations with your patients

We’re committed to providing HCPs like you with new tools and techniques that will help you to better #ListenToPain as you care for your patients. Access our thoughtfully designed range of downloadable resources below, and start getting more out of your time with your patients today.

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Pain assessment guide thumbnail

Pain Assessment Guide

A practical tool that utilizes the pain scale to determine the severity and impact of your patient’s pain in addition to the most common types of everyday pain.

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Pain consultation guide thumbnail

Pain Consultation Guide

Advice on how to consult with your patients to gain useful insights into their experience with pain, starting with the right body language. Plus how the widely-recognized 6-step Calgary-Cambridge model can be leveraged at your practice.

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Patient risk factor assessment thumbnail

Patient Risk Factor Assessment Guide

A useful guide that highlights key considerations for recommending OTC pain medications.

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Patient pain tracker thumbnail

Patient Pain Assessment Tracker

A useful tool for patients that suffer from persistent pain to track their symptoms over time including how it impacts them performing daily activities. This assessment can help you and your patient understand their pain to determine a pain management solution.

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OTC pain relief comparison chart thumbnail

OTC Pain Relief Comparison Chart

A guide that compares first-line treatment OTC analgesics for common pain types, based on scientific evidence in current, published clinical treatment guidelines.

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OTC pain relief dosing guide

Pain Portfolio Dosing Guide

A new quick-reference dosing guide for our Advil, Advil Dual Action, Excedrin and Voltaren product ranges.

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#ListenToPain Patient Profiles

Discover different patient profiles to understand the person behind the pain.

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The Advil Pain Equity Project

Learn more about how we are helping to address pain bias through research, education, and collaboration.

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