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Our pain equity tools and resources are a great way to expand your understanding and broaden your impact on the issue.

Get started by reviewing our recent research study summary that helps to illuminate the impact of pain equity. Advil, with guidance from Morehouse School of Medicine, surveyed 2000 people in America to assess the real impact of pain on their lives. The study found that 64% of Black individuals felt their healthcare providers treat people of their race and ethnicity worse than people of other races and ethnicities. Download the study summary below to see more of our findings.

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Our new Believe My Pain resource toolkit

Guide for Healthcare Providers

For HCPs: Guide for Healthcare Providers

A guide for cultivating an inclusive environment, with best practices for health literacy and communication.

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HCP Self-Assessment

For HCPs: Provider Self-Assessment

A self-assessment of bias in communication, decision making and behaviors.

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Infographic: key stats

Infographic: Pain Inequity Stats

Advil surveyed 2000 Americans about their experiences when seeking pain care and treatment. The results in this PDF are staggering.

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Your roadmap

For Patients: Your Roadmap

How to navigate care, from finding a doctor to picking up prescriptions.

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Documenting your pain

For Patients: Documenting Your Pain

Tips on describing and documenting your pain, including key terms and a daily pain tracker.

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Advocating for yourself

For Patients: Advocating for Yourself

Steps patients can take to effectively communicate their pain and advocate for themselves.

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The Advil Pain Equity Project

The Advil Pain Equity Project

Learn more about our key initiatives and content offerings.

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Resources to help facilitate better HCP & patient conversations

#ListenToPain Tools & Resources

Access resources designed to help your patients navigate pain management.

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