Fever in Adults: Management

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Assessment of fever in adults

It is important to remember that fever is a sign that something else is going on in the body and that treating it does not treat the underlying cause of the fever.

To determine if a patient has fever, the most common route of taking a temperature in adults is a thermometer placed under the tongue (oral route).

If the temperature is > 100.4°F, consider that the patient is febrile. If the temperature is > 103°F, seek immediate medical attention.

Do not forget to ask the patient about other symptoms to determine the cause of the fever, “red flag” symptoms, and if they require any treatment recommendations other than medicines for fever.

Management of fever

  • Adult patients may be given the following recommendations to help make them feel more comfortable during a fever:

    • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Water and juices will help recover the fluid loss and combat dehydration usually accompanying a fever
    • Rest, which will help the body recover, whereas heavy or strenuous activity would increase the body temperature further
    • Dress in light clothing and keep the room temperature cool
  • NSAIDs, like Advil Acetaminophen
    Proven to relieve fever and pains symptoms, including pain caused by inflammation. For patients intolerant of NSAIDs, see NSAID, warnings and assess individual risk.

Advil: the #1 OTC NSAID preferred by patients

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