Discover the GSK science at IADR 2021

A woman drinks an acidic orange drink, possibly causing tooth enamel wear.

Discover the GSK science at IADR 2021

Access the scientific content presented at IADR related to enamel wear. For each study, there is a poster to download and summary video presentation.

Creeth poster

In-situ Fluoride pooled analysis

This study, presented by Jon Creeth, outlines the in situ scientific model developed to assess a fluoride toothpaste’s potential to promote remineralisation of early enamel erosive lesions and reduce subsequent demineralisation. The scientific model has been used in 11 separate studies.


Jon Creeth video: enamel wear

Jon Creeth talks about In-Situ Fluoride pooled analysis

Dr. Jonathan Creeth presents the study on In-Situ Fluoride pooled analysis which was showcased at IADR 2021.

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Animated icon representing sensitive teeth


Access new science for the dentine occluding ability of NovaMin and stannous fluoride formulations for tooth sensitivity.

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Animated icon representing healthy gums

Gum Health

Review science from the gum health category including a pooled analysis of anti-gingivitis effects of a sodium bicarbonate dentifrice.

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Animated icon showing dentures (false teeth) and a glass of water with denture cleanser solution.

Dental Appliance Care

Studies in this category include investigations into the functional and sensory performance of denture adhesives. In addition there is new science for cleanser efficacy for both dentures and removable appliances.

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