Gum health: Impact on patient quality of life

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Periodontal disease and unhealthy gums can affect patients in unexpected ways

Patients may be aware they have gum disease before their dental visit and this could be having an emotional impact on them and they way they live their life.

Patients may experience anxiety as they progress through the symptoms of periodontal disease and gum issues1,2

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Early signs and symptoms

The early signs and symptoms of periodontal disease are often ignored and anxiety creeps in over time, prompting feelings of isolation as patients deal with it alone.3

Bleeding gums

The first and continuing sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums, often while brushing or flossing teeth.1

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Halitosis and gingival recession

Halitosis and gingival recession are bigger concerns for patients than bleeding gums but fear of the dentist is common, further hindering seeking professional help.3


Bad breath is usually a result of poor oral hygiene. One of its causes is that plaque bacteria build up in the mouth and the toxins that are produced cause the breath to smell.1

Gingival recession

Gum tissues that support the teeth can become affected. They can become recessed, lowering their position on the tooth and causing the roots of the tooth to be exposed.1

Sam might lose his teeth

Once periodontitis is reached

It may be too late to prevent tooth loss once periodontitis is reached, causing patients to experience devastation and shock.3


Chronic inflammation can permanently damage the soft tissue and destroy the bone that supports the teeth.1

Tooth loss

Periodontitis can cause tooth loss.1

The Sound of Periodontitis

This film tells the story of the patient’s experience of periodontitis. It was first shown at EuroPerio 8, and was a collaboration between the British Society of Periodontology and the British Society for Dental Hygiene and Therapy, led by the UCL Eastman Dental Institute with support from the UCL Public Engagement Unit.4

Poor periodontal health is linked to systemic disease1

Periodontitis has been reported to be associated with a number of systemic diseases, although it is currently unclear whether it can actually cause them. Periodontal inflammation may compromise the barrier function at the gingivae, leading to infiltration of bacteria into the systemic circulation, and this is thought to be what impacts patient health.1

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