Oral health conditions

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Dentine hypersensitivity is a common and often underdiagnosed condition.1 Sufferers describe experiencing a short, sharp pain while eating, drinking, brushing their teeth or breathing cold air, which has a significant impact on their quality of life.2

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Enamel wear

Enamel wear is a progressive, multifactorial condition that may have lasting effects.3 Enamel is equipped to respond to daily acid challenges; however, frequent and prolonged acid exposure can lead to progressive demineralisation.3 Changes in diet and increasing life expectancy mean that enamel wear is becoming an increasingly significant challenge in the long-term management of dental health.4

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Gum health

Gingivitis affects 83% of adults in the UK.5 If identified early, the disease can often be resolved with daily brushing and flossing, and regular professional cleaning. If left untreated, however, gingivitis can progress, and in severe cases, result in tooth loss.6

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Denture care

Almost 1 in 5 people in England rely on full or partial dentures.5 Each patient’s denture journey is different. Denture performance is affected by individual medical, physical and psychological factors, such as oral anatomy, xerostomia and how the patient adapts to their prosthesis.7–12

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Orthodontic Care

Many patients who wear a mouth guard or retainer do not have a regular approach to cleaning their appliances.19 The range of materials used to form guards & retainers may become scratched if not cleaned appropriately, which can result in increased bacterial colonization.20

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