Care for retainers and mouth guards: an overview for professionals

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Patient knowledge gaps in care of mouth guards & retainers

Mouth guards & retainers require specialist care to remove biofilms every day & prevent any implications for oral health. The range of materials used to form guards & retainers may become scratched if not cleaned appropriately, which can result in increased bacterial colonization.1

Many patients who wear a mouth guard or retainer do not have a regular approach to cleaning their appliances.2

Common cleaning methods for cleaning retainers or aligners in the US include:3

  • 41% of patients use toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 40% use toothbrush and water
  • 33% use denture cleanser tablets
  • 19% soak or rinse in water
  • 16% soak or rinse in mouthwash

Patient concerns include odour associated with their mouth guard or retainer and staining.4

Your advice to your patients can help them achieve a clean and fresh mouth guard or retainer for confidence.

  • The number of patients using removable appliances

    Appliance use

    Mouth guard and retainer use is common

    An estimated 350 million people worldwide use:3

    • Aligners for cosmetic enhancement
    • Retainers post orthodontic treatment
    • Night guards for management of nocturnal bruxism and TMJ dysfunction
    • Sports guards for protection during contact sports
  • Patients invest in their dental treatment

    Hourglass surrounded by gold coins

    Patients have made a commitment to their smile3

    Mouth guard and retainer wearers have often made a financial investment. Orthodontic treatment can cost up to £6,0005and can take up to 2 years6

  • Patients want to protect their smile

    Young people smiling in front of a tent

    Patients don’t want to put their smile in jeopardy4

    Patients value preserving their smiles. Odour and staining of mouth guard or retainer are key concerns4.


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