Interactive mouth map data

Image of the mouth map tool showing the reduction of plaque after using paradontax sodium bicarbonate toothpaste

Helping us visualise the clinical efficacy of sodium bicarbonate toothpaste

This mouth map visualisation is a world first interactive tool. As a clinician you can choose to further investigate the clinical findings, and rather than tables of charts we have worked to visualise data around the mouth. The aim is to simplify highly complex data to make it intuitive and engaging whilst remaining rooted in clinical evidence.

See how it works for yourself by accessing the mouth map on the link below.

  • Choose between two chart views
  • Choose palatal/lingual or upper/lower facial/buccal views
  • Select to view Turesky plaque index, bleeding index or modified gingival index scores
  • Slide the scale to adjust between tested products across dental sites

As part of our continued effort to drive credibility using science, we wanted to create a first in class mouth map that demonstrates sodium bicarbonate toothpaste effect on every tooth site vs. a regular fluoride toothpaste.

Watch our short videos to hear from some of the team involved in this unique science visualisation project.

Access the interactive tool below to explore the data for yourself.

Interactive tool

Expert talks on science visualisation project

Image of scientist Charlie Parkinson from Haleon

The science behind the data

Medical Affairs Director, Charlie Parkinson from Haleon outlines the pooled analysis data and highlights the additional insights provided by the visualisation of the mouth map.

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Image of David Davenport-Firth from Ogilvy UK

Visualising the science

David Davenport-Firth of Ogilvy Health UK discusses why the visualization of science is so important and the key principles adopted in its application.

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Image of Design Director Steve Binding

Optimising the user experience

Designer Steve Binding highlights the key challenges associated with the mouth map which combines simplified visuals with dental charting.

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Visual of sodium bicarbonate molecule

The science behind 67% sodium bicarbonate toothpaste

Interact with the science of sodium bicarbonate toothpaste, which demonstrates how it enhances patients’ daily plaque removal, by softening plaque to make it easier to remove, and results in improving gingivitis.

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Packaging of the parodontax toothpaste product range, formulated with sodium bicarbonate to aid plaque removal

Parodontax toothpaste

parodontax fluoride toothpaste formulations have been developed to partner with your daily oral hygiene advice and work to enhance the plaque removal achieved versus brushing with a standard non-sodium bicarbonate toothpaste.

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Image of Psychologist Dr Koula Asimakpoulou

Supporting patient behaviour change

parodontax has been working with behaviour change professionals and patients to find out how – collectively – we can inspire the habits that improve gingival health and help prevent gum disease.

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