A pharmacist wears a face mask to help protect herself against the COVID-19 virus.

GSK support in mental resilience

GSK Consumer Healthcare believes pharmacists are among the unspoken heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacists have been the exceptional frontline of care, care that has become even more critical as other healthcare providers have had to shut their doors or provide reduce services.

It’s care that has come at a cost, however. As part of GSK Consumer Healthcare’s long-term commitment to support the outstanding work of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and their teams we are working in partnership with GRiT, the Global Resilience Team, to help the profession rebuild resilience post-pandemic

Resources for pharmacists

We are looking at developing a suite of resources that recognises the unique role of pharmacy, the stressors you have experienced and bespoke tools that can help you develop and support your own mental resilience moving forward.

The first step is a webinar to help you lead your teams through COVID-19. Catriona Bradley, Head of Staff Learning and Development at RCSI University of Medical and Health Science in Dublin, helps guide pharmacists through the challenges of leadership during a crisis. She advocates the importance of sensemaking of the crisis and using this as a tool to change behaviours going forward (see Figure 1).

Taking the learnings from what has been an extraordinary time can help pharmacy not only prepare for any future pandemics but can help pharmacists take better care of their mental wellbeing. At GSK Consumer Healthcare we pledge to be your partner in helping you take the initiative to build your mental resilience.

As the pandemic evolved we often found ourselves responding to unanticipated issues; this was where the planning and responding phases of the disaster cycle overlapped – Schiller14

A pharmacist wears a face mask and face shield as PPE to help protect herself against COVID-19.

Staying strong – Building resilience in pharmacy

Pharmacy teams have been on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic. This has had a big impact on their mental health and wellbeing and GSK wants to help. We are sharing the lessons learned from coping with COVID-19 and exploring how they could help pharmacists build mental resilience for the future.

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A pharmacist wears a face mask to help protect herself against COVID-19.

How COVID-19 has impacted pharmacy

Pharmacists and their teams were on the frontline during the pandemic. Discover more about how rising to the COVID-19 challenge impacted every aspect of life for pharmacy teams.

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A pharmacist works happily at a computer.

A crucial time of change in pharmacy

The pandemic highlighted the vital role pharmacies play in their communities, find out more about what this means for the future.

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Two pharmacists wear PPE to help protect themselves against COVID-19.

Organisational enablers of mental resilience in pharmacy

Discover how making smart organisational changes to the way you work can help to improve resilience for your pharmacy team.

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Personal enablers of mental resilience in pharmacy

Personal enablers of mental resilience in pharmacy

Get tips and advice on how to manage personal wellbeing at work to help support better mental health.

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Infographic explaining how to build mental resilience.

Tips to help build mental resilience

Download expert tips to help support mental health and wellbeing for you and your team – now and in the future.

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