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A world leader in providing specialist solutions in oral health, our science-based products include Sensodyne, Biotene, Corsodyl, Polident and Sensodyne Pronamel. This site contains information about our products to support dental professionals in daily practice.

Impact on patient quality of life

Discomfort and the emotional effect of tooth loss impact on patients. Visit Haleon HealthPartner for advice on improving your denture patients’ quality of life.

Causes and mechanisms

Dentures can restore chewing ability, improve speech, have aesthetic appeal and help maintain oral health — but some patients suffer problems even with well-designed dentures. Find out about the causes of problems denture patients face at Haleon HealthPartner.


Do some of your patients have trouble with their dentures or partial dentures? Help minimise poor performance and identify issues with advice from Haleon HealthPartner today.

Expert Guidance & Success Stories

Discover expert guidance on managing tooth loss with Haleon HealthPartner. Find tips for patients on daily oral hygiene when living with full or partial dentures.