Let’s work together to go above and beyond at EuroPerio 10

We want to partner with you to champion prevention & management of gingivitis at EuroPerio10

Join GSK at EuroPerio 10 as we plan to launch a series of activities designed to support you and your patients. With your help, we can shape how we champion prevention and management of gingivitis together. We have the opportunity to work in partnership to step change global periodontal health.

Together, we have a key mission – to improve patient awareness, encourage effective daily oral hygiene and drive motivated patients to act. We need to help patients to recognise that the foundation of a healthy smile is healthy gums, and that the key to healthy gums lies in their hands.

GSK Consumer Healthcare recently hosted a round table event featuring five internationally renowned periodontal specialists, their consensus was that for effective prevention of periodontitis, greater focus needs to be placed on prevention and management of gingivitis.

Join us at EuroPerio10 to help shape the campaign to champion prevention and management of gingivitis that includes our behaviour change programme.

Visit the GSK Consumer Healthcare stand to explore the key pillars of the campaign and provide your feedback:

  • Championing prevention and management of gingivitis
  • Transforming patient self-care
  • Visualising the clinical efficacy of sodium bicarbonate
  • How we can support you into the future

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