Let’s work together to go above and beyond at EuroPerio 10

We want to partner with you to champion prevention & management of gingivitis at EuroPerio10

Join GSK at EuroPerio 10 as we plan to launch a series of activities designed to support you and your patients. With your help, we can shape how we champion prevention and management of gingivitis together. We have the opportunity to work in partnership to step change global periodontal health.

Together, we have a key mission – to improve patient awareness, encourage effective daily oral hygiene and drive motivated patients to act. We need to help patients to recognise that the foundation of a healthy smile is healthy gums, and that the key to healthy gums lies in their hands.

GSK Consumer Healthcare recently hosted a round table event featuring five internationally renowned periodontal specialists, their consensus was that for effective prevention of periodontitis, greater focus needs to be placed on prevention and management of gingivitis.

Join us at EuroPerio10 to help shape the campaign to champion prevention and management of gingivitis that includes our behaviour change programme.

Visit the GSK Consumer Healthcare stand to explore the key pillars of the campaign and provide your feedback:

  • Championing prevention and management of gingivitis
  • Transforming patient self-care
  • Visualising the clinical efficacy of sodium bicarbonate
  • How we can support you into the future

The GSK Consumer Healthcare Stand at EuroPerio10 features 4 key zones

  • Gingivitis: a new disease paradigm?

    Gingivitis: a new disease paradigm?

    Periodontitis is the 6th most prevalent health condition globally,1 affecting 796 million people.2 Over the last 25 years, in spite of efforts, prevalence has remained largely unchanged.3

    Given the possible links between periodontal disease and systemic diseases, as well as implications on patient wellbeing, should the focus of efforts shift more towards prevention and management of gingivitis as an effective approach?

    A consensus was reached, as part of the recent GSK round table, that the answer to this question was yes! To read more from the outputs of the GSK round table click here.

    There is a need for a greater focus on active prevention of periodontitis for all of us. As part of a discussion at the GSK round table, Professor Iain Chapple gave his opinion on seeing patients with periodontitis for the first time:

    “When a patient comes into my surgery and I see severe periodontitis or even periodontitis, my focus is on treating that. But the question I should be asking is ‘why has it developed in the first place?” Professor Iain Chapple

    Prevention of periodontitis is only possible through prevention and effective management of gingivitis.

    Join our interactive symposium on ‘Gingivitis: A new disease paradigm?’ on Thursday 16th June at 12.30pm as part of the EuroPerio10 event in room C1-MO. Professor Iain Chapple will outline ‘why it is time to change the paradigm to managing gingivitis’. Professor Filippo Graziani will then present ‘a new clincal study and insight into gingivitis and treatment of the condition’. The presentations will be followed by a Q & A session chaired by Dr Anousheh Alavi, Director, Medical Affairs GSK Oral Health.

    Click here to register for EuroPerio10.


  • Visualising the clinical efficacy of sodium bicarbonate

    Video on the mouth map model

    Visualising the clinical efficacy of sodium bicarbonate

    Visitors to the GSK stand will be among the first to try out a new mouth map tool designed to visually communicate the clinical efficacy of the unique parodontax 67% sodium bicarbonate toothpaste formulation on plaque removal and improvements in periodontal health. parodontax fluoride toothpaste formulations have been developed to complement your advice and clinical practice to enhance plaque removal versus twice daily brushing with a regular* toothpaste.

    The mouth map model allows evaluation of clinical efficacy at individual tooth site level, compared to a regular toothpaste, from the latest pooled analysis of 6 long-term studies (over four weeks – six months duration, involving over 2500 subjects in 6 countries).

    The mouth map is fully interactive and allows you to see the difference twice daily brushing with parodontax 67% sodium bicarbonate toothpaste can make to your patients. You can select and compare individual sites, using the specially designed slider tool, and compare the findings for 67% sodium bicarbonate versus regular toothpaste.

    “The pooled analysis provides a vast amount of data, but the mouth map and visualisation really bring it to life. They make it feel real – you can see the data as a clinician would… rather than numbers on a page. And it really shows the important treatment effect that 67% sodium bicarbonate can provide compared to a regular toothpaste, particularly in the hard-to-reach areas,” Dr. Charlie Parkinson, Medical Affairs, GSK Oral Health. This quote is taken from the video recorded for the mouth map.

    View the video above to discover more about the mouth map.

    COMING SOON: a video to discover more about the mouth map

    *non-sodium bicarbonate fluoride toothpaste

  • Introducing Haleon

    Video introducing new GSK consumer healthcare organization, Haleon

    How we can support you into the future

    We are committed to partnering with you in your clinical practice to help patients to improve their periodontal health through effective daily plaque removal.

    Earlier this year it was announced that GSK Consumer Healthcare will transition to a new organisation named Haleon. Hale means ‘health’ and leon means ‘strength’. Our mission is to deliver better every day human health with humanity.

    We are committed to improving the sustainability of our business and this will be reflected in our approach at EuroPerio10 2022. Our reduce, reuse, recycle principles have been applied to our stand design and we will reduce shipping and wastage associated with samples and printed material through providing digital access.

    Learn more at our EuroPerio10 stand about our exciting transition to a new consumer healthcare company led by its purpose to deliver better everyday health.

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parodontax: Above and Beyond for Gums

Sodium bicarbonate action science

The science of sodium bicarbonate

Interact with the science of sodium bicarbonate, in parodontax toothpaste, which demonstrates how it enhances patients’ daily brushing, by softening and removing plaque, improving gingival health outcomes.

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GSK Consumer Healthcare are proud to be gold sponsors of EuroPerio10 which takes place from 15th-18th June in Copenhagen. Visit the EuroPerio website to find out more about the scientific programme and to register.

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