Polident denture cleanser science: cleanser formulations

Polident denture cleanser action: antimicrobial efficacy, removes plaque and stains, suitable for appliances with metal parts

Recommend Polident denture cleansing tablets as the specialist solution delivering superior cleaning results*

Polident denture cleanser tablets showed superior antimicrobial efficacy when compared to brushing with regular toothpaste.**

Polident cleansing tablets have been shown to kill bacteria and yeast associated with:

  • Plaque build up**3
  • Bad odours4

*versus brushing with regular toothpaste, when tested in an in-vitro biofilm model, when used as directed

**When tested in an in-vitro biofilm model

Images showing how more bacteria and yeast is removed by soaking appliance in Polident compared to brushing with toothpaste

Polident cleansing tablets showed superior antimicrobial efficacy†7

  • In in vitro tests, Polident cleansers kill 99.9% of bacteria and yeast – including those associated with malodour*1,2
  • When used as directed, Polident cleansers help remove plaque and stains from dentures, and regular use prevents stain and plaque build-up8,9

Compared to brushing with regular toothpaste when tested in an in vitro biofilm model*In vitro

“Dentures should be cleaned daily by soaking and brushing with an effective, non-abrasive denture cleanser”10

The science behind Polident cleansers

Polident denture cleansers are tested and compatible with metal parts

Polident denture cleansers are tested and proven to be compatible with metal parts12-15

Denture materials are softer than our natural teeth - Polident cleanser tablets are non abrasive

Polident denture cleansers

Polident denture cleanser

Polident cleanser

Cleaning your denture with Polident, as part of a daily oral health routine, helps contribute to good oral health.


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