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An overview of Polident : designed to help maintain denture performance for everyday life

The transition from natural teeth to dentures can be challenging, with new wearers often having unrealistic expectations for their dentures.1,2

Polident helps to maintain optimal denture performance and hygiene for people with dentures.

Polident denture adhesives3

  • Improved retention
  • Help seal out food particles

Polident denture cleansers3

  • Reduced levels of biofilm*
  • Reduced potentially harmful bacteria and fungi*

*vs. soaking in water only

Factors affecting denture performance

Factors affecting denture performance
  • Up to 48% of denture wearers suffer from xerostomia*4
  • Up to 67% of full denture wearers have denture stomatitis5

*In a study conducted by Takayama et al. 2005

Food trapped under dentures

Up to 86% of denture wearers complain of food getting trapped under their dentures6


Over 80% of denture wearers use regular toothpaste to clean their dentures7,8

Up to 63% of full denture wearers have biofilm and calculus on their dentures†9

†In an observational study

Discover the technologies powering the Polident range

Product formulation action

Polident denture adhesives

Polident denture adhesives are formulated to help stabilise, secure and maintain denture performance.10,11

Polident denture cleansers

Polident denture cleansers contain four active ingredients, which work together to maintain denture hygiene while minimising scratching.12,13

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Discover Polident cleansers and adhesives

Polident cleansers

Polident cleansers

Helping individuals to keep their dentures clean every day.

Polident adhesives

Polident adhesives

Helping individuals to maintain denture performance every day.

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