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Anne on stairs

Anne’s knee osteoarthritis is keeping her from morning runs

76% of patients wish they could control their pain better1

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Voltaren Arthritis Gel: strong on pain

Recommend Voltaren to help keep patients like Anne setting personal bests.

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Recommend Voltaren for your patients with osteoarthritis pain and see the benefits.

Why Voltaren?



Clinically proven to treat pain caused by inflammation2,3



Deep at the source of pain5,6

Pain-on-movement reduction

Pain-on-movement reduction2,7

Improves mobility 2,3

Safety profile comparable to placebo

Safety profile comparable to placebo*2,3

*In placebo-controlled trials, adverse reactions were comparable to placebo. Application site reaction was the only AE that occurred in >1% of patients and with greater frequency for Voltaren® Arthritis Pain gel OTC vs placebo.

Anne running

For Anne, it’s not just movement, it’s getting back to her kind of life.

Recommend the #1 doctor-recommended topical pain brand†8 for patients like Anne and bring back their joy of movement.

† Based on surveyed doctors. Voltaren is approved for the use of arthritis pain.

Recommend Voltaren Arthritis Gel for your patients with osteoarthritis pain



Provide your patients with a sample and recommendation to help them better manage their arthritis pain.

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Discover Voltaren

Discover Voltaren

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is approved for use for up to 21 days without consulting a doctor.

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Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Explore the educational materials on patient care using the Voltaren range of products.

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Drug Facts

Voltaren® Arthritis Pain Gel OTC Drug Facts

The drug facts contain all you need to know about dosing and administration.

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MOA molecule

How does Voltaren® Arthritis Pain Gel OTC relieve pain?

The science behind Voltaren® Arthritis Pain Gel and its MOA. 

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Treat OA

How to treat OA Pain?

The latest OA treatment guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology.

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