Oral health conditions

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Dentine Hypersensitivity affects 1 in 2 people1 and is characterised as a short, sharp pain of rapid onset in character.2 Many people with Dentine Hypersensitivity have already learned to cope - even those who seem less bothered with the condition may have changed their lifestyle to manage it.3

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Enamel wear

Erosive tooth wear is the 3rd most commonly observed oral condition.4 Erosive tooth wear is the combination of erosion with physical wear.5 Acid softened enamel is more susceptible to wear from abrasion and attrition.5 Erosive tooth wear can affect clean, plaque free teeth.4

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Gum health

Gum Disease is the 6th most prevalent health condition globally.6 It has both physical and emotional impacts, particularly as the condition progresses.7 Patients may ignore or put up with symptoms and can even create myths to rationalise the problem e.g. relating bleeding gums to over brushing.7

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