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Dentine Hypersensitivity

A common and often underdiagnosed condition, dentine hypersensitivity is described as a short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentine in response to a stimulus, which cannot be attributed to any other form of dental defect or pathology.1

People who suffer from dentine hypersensitivity report a significant impact on their quality of life, experiencing pain while eating, drinking, brushing their teeth and breathing cold air.2 Although dentine hypersensitivity can be managed, many patients avoid discussing the condition with their dentist.3

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Causes and mechanisms

Find out about the causes and mechanisms behind dentine hypersensitivity.

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Impact on patient quality of life

Find out about the impact dentine hypersensitivity has on patients’ daily lives.

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Explore an overview of diagnosing dentine hypersensitivity.

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Explore an overview of dentine hypersensitivity management.

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