Polident Science: Cleanser Formulations

Four cleaning ingredients work in combination to provide a deep clean

  1. Potassium monopersulfate
  2. Tetra acetyl ethylene diamine (TAED)
  3. Sodium percarbonate
  4. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

The cleaning ingredients in Polident denture cleanser tablets have a deep-cleaning effect, killing odor-causing bacteria.*

*in laboratory tests

Amount of Candida albicans killed in vitro 5 minutes after denture cleanser treatment vs. antimicrobial toothpaste

4-in-1 cleaning system helps maintain denture hygiene every day

Polident cleansers 4 in 1 cleaning system kills odor-causing bacteria and helps reduce plaque build-up** and tough stains:1,4-7

  • In in vitro laboratory tests, Polident cleansers killed 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria†1,2
  • Helps reduce plaque build-up**5 and prevent plaque-induced irritation
  • Helps remove stains and prevent stain build-up5
  • Daily use of Polident cleansers with brushing removes more odor-causing bacteria than once-weekly denture cleanser treatment8

*Log kill is calculated as the difference in log scale of pathogens initially present and the number of pathogens still viable after treatment.(contact time as follows: 2 minutes for leading toothpaste; 3 and 5 minutes for Polident).**when used as directed†in laboratory tests

“Dentures should be cleaned daily by soaking and brushing with an effective, nonabrasive denture cleanser”9

Poligrip 3-minute daily cleanser

Polident Cleansers

Polident cleansers help keep dentures clean every day.

Polident – helping your patients maintain denture performance for everyday life

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