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Teeth impact how we all look and feel, and this influence remains true for 18% of the US adult population who wear dentures.1

Patients face challenges at all stages of the denture journey and must adapt to a number of different prostheses: partial dentures, immediate dentures following tooth extraction, and full dentures.2,3

Each patient’s experience with dentures will be different. Individual needs surrounding medical concerns, physical and psychological factors, and patient adaptation to dentures can affect how dentures perform.2–6

The Number of Denture Wearers is Increasing7

  • Many people relay on some form of denture

    Many people rely on some form of denture9

    The definition of a “normal mouth” has shifted, and many people in America rely on a combination of both natural teeth and dentures:1

     In a study of 497 adults, over 18 years old, the results concluded:

    • 33% wear partial dentures
    • 31% wear a combination of full and/or partial dentures
    • 36% wear a full mandible and maxillary denture
  • The US population is getting older

    According to US Census statistics, the US population is getting older9

     By 2060, the US population that is older than 65 years of age will increase to 98 million people9

  • Older people are more likely to need dentures1

    There is a direct correlation between age and the likelihood of requiring a denture.10

    According to a publication by the American College of Prosthodontics, 26% of the US population aged between 65 and 74 are edentulous.3 Whilst the incidence level continues to decline, continued growth in the population suggests that rates will remain constant or increase in the next few decades.3

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