Poligrip Power Hold + Seal

Introducing New Poligrip Power Hold + Seal

Learn how Poligrip Power Hold + Seal can help your denture patients:

  • x16 clinically proven. Strongest hold.*
  • Seals out 5x more food particles
  • Clinically proven to deliver a 12-hour hold
  • Precise and even application
  • Zinc-free
  • Flavor-free

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Why recommend Poligrip Power Hold + Seal to your patients?

Help your patients' well-fitting denture perform even better.

  • Poligrip helps improve retention of well-fitting dentures
  • Poligrip provides statistically significant improved satisfaction with performance of well-fitting dentures
Image showcasing the Poligrip precision nozzle

Precise and even application

The precision nozzle enables exactly the right amount of product to be applied around the edge of your patients’ denture, forming an all-around seal. Poligrip can help prevent gum irritation by keeping out food particles when used consistently as part of an effective denture care routine.

Image of a woman eating corn on the cob

Help your patients with dentures eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Recommend Poligrip Power Hold + Seal to your denture patients

Poligrip Power Hold and Seal product packaging

Poligrip Power Hold + Seal

Poligrip provides a statistically significant increase in ratings of confidence and comfort, and is clinically proven to deliver a 12-hour hold.

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