Impact of Digital Dentistry on the Clinical Assessment and Management of Erosive Tooth Wear (ETW)

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Read Dr. Anderson T. Hara’s latest article about the role that intra-oral scanners are playing in the clinical assessment of ETW.

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Understanding the psychology of the dentin hypersensitivity patient

Understanding The Psychology Of The Dentin Hypersensitivity Patient

Do patients and dentists think dentin hypersensitivity is a minor oral health condition issue or a chronic condition? This article asks whether it is time to reappraise the condition in order to help patients and also strengthen the dentist-patient relationship.

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CN Mouthy About Sensitivity

Getting Mouthy About Sensitivity

Could simply asking if patients ever play with their food in their mouth be a springboard to create an opportunity to understand what oral health means to them? Find out more about taking a proactive approach with patients with dentin hypersensitivity in this article.

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CN Patient Communication and Gum Health

Patient Communication and Gum Health

This article by Brad Crump DDS, MS considers how as dental professionals you can improve communication to encourage patients to commit to improving their gum health. With practical tips and examples, this article will inspire new ideas for behavior change in relation to patient gum health.

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Read about the different conditions that your patient can be experiencing, what causes them, impact on patient’s life, and how to manage.

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Explore useful resources to download and help you provide the best possible patient care.

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