Acute Back and Neck Pain: Causes

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Understand acute back and neck pain

Acute back or neck pain is common, but effective symptomatic relief is available to help manage it.1,2

The reason for pain developing may not be known

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Back or neck pain can arise due to several different reasons

There are many conditions commonly linked to back or neck pain, however in this section, the focus will remain on acute back and neck pain due to sprains/strains.3,4

The location of the pain can sometimes point to an origin

  • Acute neck pain

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    This type of pain can develop when the neck has been under strain, for example from working at a computer for a long duration, or from poor posture.4

  • Upper back pain

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    Pain in this area may be due to a muscle or ligament strain, among other causes.5

  • Lower back pain

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    The cause of pain in this region is often hard to identify. Possible initiating issues include strains from lifting heavy weight incorrectly or injury following an awkward body movement.5

Understanding acute back and neck pain

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