Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the frequently asked questions for registration on Haleon HealthPartner below.

If you have any general enquiries not answered by these or need to report on product quality or on an adverse event, please visit our Contact Us page.






  • Can I resend the account registration confirmation email?

    If you need a new account registration confirmation email, log in to the Haleon HealthPartner site and resend the confirmation email from the account registration confirmation screen (pop-up screen).

  • What is "communication settings"?

    Use the communication settings to consent to the use of personal information for the purpose of delivering information. If you check "Agree", you will be notified of new products and communications. 

  • I registered for an account, but I haven't received an email.

    Step 1

    Your email service may treat emails from Haleon HealthPartners as junk email. Please check if there is any mail from Haleon HealthPartner in your junk mail folder.

    Step 2

    Add the Haleon HealthPartner domain "" to your email service's allowed list. Alternatively, please set the reception permission of the following e-mail address. ""

    * Contact your mobile phone company, provider, or manufacturer for setting changes.

  • I can't press the button (link) in the received email.

    If the email format is "text email", the button (link) will be disabled. Please change the settings of your email software so that you can receive "HTML emails".

    * Contact your mobile phone company, provider, or manufacturer to change the settings.