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Pain management remains a challenge in most of the world but together, we can help better achieve pain management goals. As Experts in pain management, you see first-hand the limiting effect that pain can have on your patients.

We’re committed to help you understand the true impact of pain and provide resources for diagnosis and management.

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Gaining a measure of the problem through the Global Pain Index (GPI)

The GPI survey showed that 66% of Canadian pain sufferers believe their quality of life has decreased.1Understanding pain will help us find solutions & pave the way towards improved patient outcomes.

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Help patients find the right solution for them

As trusted Experts in pain management, we invite you to join us to help improve outcomes for those experiencing pain.

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What you should know about ibuprofen and COVID-19. Get the facts (picture of Advil tabs and GSK logo on orange background)

Advil Covid-19

Get the facts about ibuprofen and Covid-19

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Topical, pill & suspension products


Find out how our treatments can help your patients manage their acute pain and/or fever.

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Our overviews of common pain conditions explore the causes, signs, symptoms and impact of each condition, and summarize the latest evidence-based management recommendations.

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