Dry Mouth: Diagnosis

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Screening for Dry Mouth

Proactive screening for Dry Mouth should be incorporated into routine clinical practice by identification of those at risk or with symptoms through:2,8

  • Medical History
  • Drug history
  • Subjective questioning on Dry Mouth symptoms
  • Clinical examination for oral signs

Typical signs of xerostomia the dental professional may identify include9:

  • Dental mirror sticks to the tongue or buccal mucosa
  • No saliva pooling
  • Cervical caries
  • Frothy saliva
  • Altered gingival architecture (not only related to Dry Mouth)

Who is at risk?

Questions to identify Dry Mouth

If your patients’ medication has changed recently, this one question could identify 54% of all Dry Mouth Zufferers with salivary gland hypofunction10

Does your mouth usually feel dry?

These 3 additional questions could identify 75% of all Dry Mouth sufferers10

Do you regularly do things to keep your mouth moist?

Do you get out of bed at night to drink fluids?

Does your mouth usually become dry when you speak?

These clinically validated questions can help uncover Dry Mouth10

Diagnostic tests

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs outlines three diagnostic tests that you can use to support a dry mouth diagnosis7

Diagnostic tests
Salivary flow measurement Periodic evaluation of salivary flow rate that provides a tool for monitoring dry mouth symptoms
Blood tests Biomarker testing for when dry mouth is suspected to be related to systemic
Biopsy Minor salivary gland biopsy can be used to identify any underlying pathological changes associated with dysfunction

Offer your Dry Mouth patients a solution that suits their different needs, around the clock11*

*With a daily Dry Mouth routine

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