Oral health conditions

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Dentine hypersensitivity is a common and often underdiagnosed condition.1 Sufferers describe experiencing a short, sharp pain while eating, drinking, brushing their teeth or breathing cold air, which has a significant impact on their quality of life.2

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Enamel wear

Enamel wear is a progressive, multifactorial condition that may have lasting effects.3 Enamel is equipped to respond to daily acid challenges; however, frequent and prolonged acid exposure can lead to progressive demineralisation.3 Changes in diet and increasing life expectancy mean that enamel wear is becoming an increasingly significant challenge in the long-term management of dental health.4

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Dry mouth

Saliva plays an important part in maintaining oral health and well-being.5–7 Xerostomia is a subjective feeling of a dry mouth that may be caused by reduced saliva production.8 Dry mouth can negatively impact oral health.5,9

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