Impact of Gum Disease on Patients' Quality of Life

Woman rinsing mouth to prevent gum disease

Bleeding gums and gingivitis can have a significant impact on your patients' social and emotional well-being1

With your help, patients can better understand the impact of bleeding gums on their daily quality of life.

Research Shows Many Patients Want to Stop Their Bleeding Gums, But Are Unsure How to Keep Their Gums Healthy2

Oral care compliance

Patients value their dental professional’s advice, but don’t always know how to put it into practice2

Sharing these 4 simple steps can help them connect the dots and improve oral care compliance at home. When patients understand…… compliance could be improved to drive better outcomes3,4

What it is

  • Bleeding gums related to early stage gingivitis is a serious but treatable condition2
  • Patients need to fully comprehend the role plaque and bacteria play in the condition2

Why it happens

  • Plaque and bacteria build up interproximally and along the gingival margin5
  • Plaque and bacteria can cause inflammation, bleeding gums, and may lead to periodontitis2

What they can do

  • Better understand why you tell them to clean interproximally more and how it can help5
  • Brush and clean interproximally regularly to help keep gums healthy and get a comprehensive periodontal evaluation from a dental professional once a year5
  • Use products that you recommend such as parodontax toothpaste

How it can help

  • Brushing and flossing help disrupt the bacteria that contribute to plaque build-up which can lead to gingivitis6

Using a toothpaste specifically designed for bleeding gums can reduce the growth of bacteria and help keep gums healthy6,7

Poor Periodontal Health is Linked to Systemic Disease9

Periodontitis has been reported to be associated with a number of systemic diseases, although it is currently unclear whether it can actually cause them. Periodontal inflammation may compromise the barrier function at the gingivae, leading to infiltration of bacteria into the systemic circulation, and this is thought to be what impacts patient health.8

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