2023 CDS Midwinter Meeting: Enamel Wear Symposium

Haleon Symposium at 2023 Chicago Midwinter

Watch now: Haleon HealthPartner Enamel Wear Symposium at the 2023 Midwinter Meeting

We had a great time at the Chicago Dental SocietyTM 2023 Midwinter Meeting, and we’re now happy to share exclusive content from our sold-out symposium with you.

The importance of preventing premature enamel wear is a hot topic. Our symposium, Premature Enamel Wear: Prevalence, Detection, and Management, focused on this subject and featured a panel of renowned experts in the oral health field, including:

  • Anderson T. Hara, DDS, MS, PhD
  • Bernice Dabrowski-Iwinski, BSDH, RDH
  • Kim Attanasi, PhD, MS, RDH

View our symposium virtually by watching the below video recordings from the live event.

Part 1: Anderson T. Hara, DDS, MS, PhD

Learn more about the prevalence, incidence, and causes of enamel erosion.

Part 2: Bernice Dabrowski-Iwinski, BSDH, RDH

Review clinical case studies of mild and moderate enamel erosion and the impact of the condition on patients.

Part 3: Kim Attanasi, PhD, MS, RDH

Discover the role of fluoride toothpaste in protecting enamel against risk of erosive tooth wear.

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