Sorbitol and hypromellose formulations

Sorbitol and hypromellose complement the action of decongestants

The addition of sorbitol and hypromellose to Otrivin Moisturising nasal drops provides a supportive effect to the active decongestant ingredient by:

  • Restoring moisture to the nasal mucosa1
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Sorbitol and hypromellose counteract dryness from topical vasoconstrictors6

Unlike alternative nasal decongestants, formulations that contain hypromellose and sorbitol are found to have a higher water-retaining capability, significant moisturising properties and the ability to counteract dryness.6

Hypromellose and sorbitol restore moisture to the nasal passageways1

  • Sorbitol and hypromellose soothe and moisturise dry and irritated nasal passageways1,2

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    Sorbitol is a humectant with potent hygroscopic properties1

    Sorbitol is a naturally occurring alcohol, but may also be synthesized from glucose.3 It possesses humectant properties with the ability to moisturise the nasal mucosa, and may also be used as a topical emulsion in low concentrations.1

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    Hypromellose is an inert viscoelastic polymer that can be used as an emulsifying agent, bio-adhesive, and thickening agent1,4

    Hypromellose is widely used as a suspending and thickening agent for topical formulations in pharmaceuticals.1 Its ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere also allows it to function as a humectant.1 As the surface properties of hypromellose provide reduced surface tension and increased viscosity,4 it may offer some barrier protection to the nasal mucosa.4,5

Discover the Otrivin range with sorbitol and hypromellose

Otrivin Moisturising Adult pack shot

Otrivin Moisturising Adult

Otrivin Moisturising nasal formulations help prevent dryness and irritation with xylometazoline combined with hypromellose and sorbitol.

Child Moisturising Paediatric packshot

Otrivin Moisturising Paediatric

Otrivin Moisturising Paediatric nasal formulations unblock your child’s nose quickly and protect against dryness and irritation with xylometazoline combined with hypromellose and sorbitol.

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