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The world’s leading range for symptoms of allergies and colds

Human beings are designed to only breathe through their noses and a healthy nose is needed to do this well. Otrivin understands this and is committed to finding solutions to improve breathing.

The Otrivin range is clinically proven to provide rapid-acting and long-lasting relief of the most bothersome nasal symptoms of allergies and colds.1–16

Find out more about how Otrivin unblocks and protects your patient’s nose to breathe well.

Otrivin – relief from allergy and cold symptoms1–16

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Nasal symptom relief

Otrivin products relieve bothersome symptoms of allergies and colds, such as nasal congestion, rhinorrhoea, sinus pressure and pain, and sneezing, with long-lasting effects.1–16

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Long-lasting effects

Otrivin products provide long-lasting relief of nasal symptoms with 12 hours of protection.3-16

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Strong scientific evidence

Multiple clinical studies, published in international, peer-reviewed journals, showed the strong efficacy of Otrivin products for relieving allergy and cold symptoms.3-16

Otrivin – in-depth patient understanding

  • Nasal symptoms are the most common in allergies and colds

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    Control the most bothersome symptoms of allergies and colds

    Nasal symptoms are the most common symptoms of allergies and colds,17,18 and includes congestion (a blocked nose), rhinorrhoea (a runny nose), sinus pressure and pain (headaches), and sneezing (blowing your nose often). The Otrivin range offers various options of clinically proven products, to relieve these symptoms.3-16

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  • Prevalence of the condition

    Are your patients experiencing allergy and cold symptoms?

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    As many as 1 in 4 people may suffer from allergic disorders in developed countries.19

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    More than 90% of the world’s population suffers from nasal symptoms due to the common cold each year.17

  • Patients’ daily lives are impacted by nasal symptoms

    Nasal symptoms impact quality of life due to:

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    Breathing difficulties

    Discomfort from obstructed breathing due to swelling and mucus.18

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    Frequent sneezing

    Inconvenience from the frequent need to blow the nose.18

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    Low quality sleep

    Reduced quality and quantity of sleep.20,21

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    Daytime fatigue and poor concentration.21

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    Daily activity impairment

    Lost time from work or school.22

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The Otrivin range is specially formulated for clinically proven relief from nasal symptoms of allergies and colds1-16

Xylometazoline hydrochloride

A strong, topical, alpha-adrenergic agonist that is indicated for the relief of nasal congestion due to colds, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. It may also be used to aid drainage of secretions in affections of the paranasal sinuses.23

Oxymetazoline hydrochloride

A potent alpha-adrenergic agonist, producing vasoconstriction and decongestion via action on the vasculature of the nasal mucosa. It is indicated for the relief of nasal congestion due to colds, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis. It may also be used to aid drainage of secretions from the paranasal sinuses by reducing mucosal swelling, and as an adjuvant in otitis media, to decongest the nasopharyngeal mucosa.24


Hypertonic seawater (2.2% salt concentration) provides a natural, direct decongestive effect by reducing swelling via the action of osmosis, and is capable of clearing the nose of mucus-trapped bacteria, viruses and impurities.25

The isotonic seawater solution can clear excess sticky mucus and encrusted debris to cleanse and unblock the nasal passageways.26,27

Aloe vera

Nasal sprays containing aloe vera help to gently cleanse the nasal cavities in the presence of a blocked nose.28 As aloe vera contains moisturising properties, it promotes retention of moisture within tissues29 and soothes the nasal passages.28

Sorbitol and hypromellose

Sorbitol and hypromellose, found in a nasal spray or drops, soothe and moisturise dry and irritated nasal passageways.24,30

The Otrivin range offers clinically proven solutions tailored to individual patient needs1-16

Otrivin Moisturising Adult

Otrivin Moisturising Adult Nasal Drops

Otrivin Moisturising Adult nasal drops is a fast and long-lasting nasal topical decongestant (xylometazoline), with ingredients to soothe and moisturise dry and irritated nasal passages.7,23,30,35

Key ingredients: Xylometazoline with hypromellose and sorbitol.

Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief packshot

Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief

Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief provides rapid (in 25 seconds) and long-lasting (12 hours) topical decongestion of a blocked nose.24,27,31-34

Key ingredients: Oxymetazoline.

Otrivin Paediatric Nasal drops packshots

Otrivin Paediatric Nasal drops

Otrivin Paediatric Nasal drops quick and effective relief of nasal congestion in children, with a concentration of xylometazoline adapted for kids.23,35

Key ingredients: 0.025% Xylometazoline hydrochloride.

Otrivin Moisturising Paediatric Nasal Drops packshot

Otrivin Moisturising Paediatric Nasal Drops

Otrivin Moisturising Paediatric unblocks children’s noses quickly while providing additional soothing and moisturising benefits.23

Key ingredients: Xylometazoline with hypromellose and sorbitol

Otrivin Breathe Clean With Glycerin Nasal Spray packshot

Otrivin Breathe Clean With Glycerin Nasal Spray

Isotonic seawater with Glycerin opens nasal passageways by clearing excess mucus, and gently soothing and moisturising dry and irritated nasal passages.26,36-38

Key ingredients: Isotonic seawater with glycerin.

Otrivin Baby Saline

Otrivin Baby Saline

Otrivin Baby Saline is an isotonic saline solution which gently cleanses the nasal cavities when the nose is blocked. By washing away the excess mucus, Otrivin Baby Natural nasal spray moisturises the nasal mucosa when dry or irritated in case of minor nasal irritations or due to low humidity.

Key ingredients: Isotonic seawater and aloe vera.

The Otrivin range – the world’s leading allergy and cold products

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