Seawater formulations

Saline nasal sprays may improve mucosal function through several physiological effects

The nasal sprays of the Otrivin Natural range may be used as an adjunct treatment.2

Both hypertonic and isotonic formulations:1,3

  • Remove inflammatory mediators
  • Improve mucociliary clearance
  • Moisturise the area

Hypertonic saline solutions decongest the nasal mucosa through the action of osmosis,4 while isotonic saline solutions aid decongestion through mechanical cleansing.1

Scientist in lab

A clinical study demonstrates that the administration of natural saline nasal solutions improves symptoms of nasal obstruction7

In a randomised double-blind trial, both hypertonic and isotonic saline nasal solutions were found to improve mucociliary clearance after administration, improving symptoms of nasal stuffiness and obstruction. In this study, isotonic saline was also found to improve nasal airway patency while the hypertonic solution had no effect.7

Seawater and natural saline nasal sprays are indicated for those who prefer a natural alternative for the relief of nasal dryness and irritation2

Discover the Otrivin range with seawater and natural saline

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Otrivin Breathe Clean with Natural Glycerin

Otrivin Breathe Clean clears the nose naturally while gently soothing and moisturising a dry and irritated nose with isotonic seawater and glycerin.

Otrivin Baby Saline

Otrivin Baby Saline

Otrivin Baby Saline gently clears and moisturises your baby’s nose naturally with isotonic saline and aloe vera.

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