Enamel wear: Management

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Managing enamel wear


Helping patients treat and prevent enamel wear

Prevention of enamel wear is important and measures should be taken. Patients can follow three simple steps to help protect their enamel.1,2

  • 1. Acid exposure

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    Minimise exposure to acids

    • Avoid frequent intake of acidic foods or drinks1,2
    • Avoid holding acidic drinks in the mouth1
    • Rinse mouth with water after acidic foods and drinks1
  • 2. Appropriate brushing


    Brush teeth with appropriate technique and timing

    • Avoid brushing immediately after consuming acidic food and drink1
    • Brush gently but thoroughly with a soft-bristled toothbrush1
  • 3. Specialised toothpaste


    Use a toothpaste for higher fluoride availability

    • Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste2
    • Ensure the toothpaste has lower abrasivity1
    • Recommend a toothpaste demonstrated to protect enamel against attack by dietary acids

Pronamel – helping protect your patients against enamel wear

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