Pronamel Patient Education Brochure

Strawberry in the shape of a tooth

A guide to tooth enamel loss and protecting your patient’s teeth.

Enamel plays an important protective role and if it wears away, it can lead to the need for invasive treatments. 9/10 adults are at risk of enamel loss due to acidic foods.1 Everyday things can eat away at your patient’s enamel. Even healthy foods can harm enamel. Some of your patient’s healthy-lifestyle choices like fruit juices and smoothies can be high in acid.2

This patient education brochure is an easy way to share the effects of enamel loss due to dietary acids with your patient. A patient may not notice the detrimental effects of enamel loss on their own. Download and use this educational brochure to share the signs of enamel loss with your patient and help prevent any further effects. Recommend Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair to your patients to help strengthen and protect their enamel.


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