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Managing Dentin Hypersensitivity

Here we discuss different approaches for managing dentin hypersensitivity, including the consensus recommendations from the Canadian Advisory Board on dentin hypersensitivity, 2003.

Steps For Managing Dentin Hypersensitivity1

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  • Observe patients’ subtle twinges during cleanings or other procedures2
  • Ask patients about symptoms2
  • Rule out other causes of pain, like caries2
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  • Increase patient awareness – they may be unaware that they’re using coping mechanisms3 such as changing how and what they eat and drink; avoiding brushing and even avoiding dental visits2
  • Help patients understand how sensitivity is impacting their behavior and quality of life2,4
  • Advise them on correct brushing technique and support them to avoid aggressive brushing2
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  • Recommend a soft bristled toothbrush and to use a sensitivity toothpaste twice daily2
  • Recommend Sensodyne and encourage consistent twice daily use, even after pain has been reduced2
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Educating Your Patients

Patients should be educated on how to manage their dentin hypersensitivity through changes in lifestyle and daily oral hygiene habits. Recommendations could include:1,5

  • Avoid aggressive toothbrushing
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and sensitivity toothpaste, twice daily
  • Schedule regular dental appointments

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for patients with dentin hypersensitivity.

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Sensitivity Toothpastes Can Have Different Mechanisms Of Action2,6

Sensodyne – #1 Dentist Recommended Brand for Sensitive Teeth9

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