Nutritional Needs: Management

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Managing Nutritional Needs

Good nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle. You can help to advise your customers.

A Nutritious Diet

Nutritional diet planning

A nutritious diet

A nutritious diet that includes recommended servings from all the food groups helps to satisfy macronutrient and micronutrient needs. However, even well- designed eating patterns sometimes may fail to achieve suggested intakes for some vitamins and nutrients.

Dietary Supplements

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Dietary Supplements can help bridge nutrient gaps

UK Government advice is that everyone should consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter as the body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors.1 People at particular risk may include people who are not often outdoors e.g. frail and housebound or who usually wear clothes that cover most of their skin when outdoors or who have dark skin.1

Centrum Men 50+ and Centrum Women 50+*

Centrum Multivitamins

Centrum offers an expertly-designed portfolio of multivitamins with essential minerals to support health.* Centrum is backed by over 40 years of nutritional science.

Centrum formulations include products designed for customers’ age and gender.

Centrum Men 50+ contains vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and vitamin A to help support normal vision. Centrum Women 50+ contains vitamin D which helps contribute to the normal function of the immune system and vitamins B3 and B6 which help to release energy from food.

Understanding Nutritional Health

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Recognising poor nutrition

Learn more about populations likely to experience reduced vitamin and mineral status.

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Learning lab

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Overview of nutritional Needs

Find out more about good nutrition related to overall health and wellness.

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The Centrum Range

Centrum Advance

Centrum Advance Multivitamin

A daily Multivitamin supplement that helps customers ensure they are getting the nutrients they need.*

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Centrum Advance 50+

Centrum Advance 50+

Helps support the nutritional needs of adults 50 years of age and older.*

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Centrum Women 50+

Centrum Women 50+

Designed for women 50 years and older.*

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