The Haleon Centre for Human Sciences

Pharmacist and a patient in profile looking at each other with the Centre for Human Sciences logo. Creating real-world tools and solutions to drive lasting behaviour change.

Our mission: drive meaningful patient behaviour change

Harnessing learnings from the fields of human sciences such as behavioural, psychological and social sciences, the Centre for Human Sciences is helping pharmacists and dental professionals like you to improve clinician-patient interactions and encourage and support patient behaviour change. Our interdisciplinary faculty brings together experts in human sciences and health practitioners to create real-world tools that you can use in practice.

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Pharmacist and a patient in profile looking at each other

Our mission

We're turning research into real-world tools that will support you to drive patient change in your everyday practice.

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Parts of a brain are highlighted to show behaviour activity

Why human sciences?

Encouraging positive change is an important part of patient care. Learn how you can unlock a deeper understanding of your patients.

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A patient in pain talks to a pharmacist as they look at a product together.

Our first commitment

Pharmacists are well placed to support patients in pain who may otherwise be overlooked, and we’re committed to helping you do so.

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Faculty members face each other.

Meet the faculty

We’re combining the expertise of human scientists with the real-world insight of pharmacists. Meet the team creating tools for you.

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Woman brushes her teeth in a mirror.

Putting research into practice

Human sciences are already being used in many areas of healthcare. Learn more about their practical applications.

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