Dentist explaining to patient

Enamel Erosion Patient Education Brochure

When it comes to enamel erosion, education and understanding is very important when considering the long term impact it can have on someone’s life. With 87% of adults being at risk of enamel erosion due to their diet, intervening early is important to help patients preserve their existing enamel.1

Acidic foods and drinks found in modern diets, even many healthy ones, can damage the hard layer of enamel that protects teeth. The acid temporarily softens the enamel, leaving it weaker and easier to wear away. If left untreated, enamel erosion can progress to severe erosion, and may require invasive restorations such as veneers. Enamel erosion due to dietary acids can effect your patients teeth in many negative ways:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Translucency
  3. Yellowing due to exposed dentin
  4. Rough Edges

Download this patient education brochure today to utilize as an educational tool to teach your patients more about how acidic diets and eating habits can have a negative impact on their enamel. Learn how Pronamel can be used to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel.