Advil dual action frequently asked questions

A resource to help answer common questions about Advil® DUAL ACTION.

Help further uncover the most frequently asked questions about ibuprofen.

Patients are often concerned with many aspects of taking new medication in order to deal with their pain.  Advil® DUAL ACTION can provide them powerful pain relief, while you provide them ease of mind.

Understanding what makes Advil® DUAL ACTION different from regular Advil® can help you identify which treatment is most effective for your patient’s pain. In Advil Dual Action the combination of two active ingredients – ibuprofen and acetaminophen work to fight the pain at its physical core while also signaling to the central nervous system. Understanding how to treat pain, begins with understanding how to communicate with the patient.

The following questions and answers will provide a consumer friendly way of addressing all your patients' concerns. Download our Advil® DUAL ACTION FAQ PDF for your office!


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