Polident Pro Guard & Retainer Patient Brochure


Find Out How Your Patients Can Leave Their Appliances Clean and Fresh*

Don’t let your patients jeopardize their smile with poorly kept oral appliances. This patient education brochure focuses on how Polident Pro Guard & Retainer antibacterial daily cleanser can help your patient’s dental appliances remain clean and fresh.* The document provides advice on how your patients can clean their partials on a daily basis. The efficacy of Polident Pro Guard & Retainer cleanser has been tested on 20 different materials.**

This downloadable resource is a way to encourage your patients’ understanding of proper partial care. You can give your patients a product recommendation and tips they may need to improve their daily oral care routine. Polident Pro Guard & Retainer is clinically proven to help keep a retainer, aligner, or mouthguard clean. That way your patient can confidently conquer the day.

*When used as directed**Based on In Vitro testing.