Patient – Centered Recommendation Guide

Dentist talking to Patient

Steps you can follow for a patient centered approach to diagnosis

Following a patient-centered approach within your practice can help bridge the gap between dental professionals and patients. There are many steps to ensuring your patient and their oral health conditions are taken care of. Our educational resource for a patient-centered recommendation is written with the health care professional in mind.  Find out how to provide an effective patient recommendation with three simple steps.

An initial oral health diagnosis can be frightening for a patient; you can help by addressing their concerns early on and explaining the importance of proactive recognition. Helping your patient identify the condition and its possible consequences can make them more inclined to hear about a treatment plan. Once you’ve shown the patient that you have their best interests in mind, you can make an effective product recommendation. Making a specific product recommendation supported with how the product works and its benefits, can be the difference between a patient considering the product versus actually using it.

This document contains information regarding specific oral health condition states, their symptoms/consequences, and which product you can recommend for your patient based on their oral care need.  Download this patient-centered recommendation guide to support your approach to effective diagnosis.