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Stannous fluoride and zinc molecules in paradontax toothpaste

Supporting you to enhance your patients’ clean

We know that a regular brushing combined with flossing are the foundation for good gum health, and that there’s no substitute for the mechanical clean inclinic.

Preventing gum disease at home requires a strict daily routine, but that’s easier said than done for a lot of patients: many find it difficult to stick to a good routine every day.

Small changes – such as changing to a specialist gum health toothpaste – can help.

Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity has a unique formulation, containing stannous fluoride and zinc, to work in partnership with you, helping to enhance your patients’ daily clean*.

Keep reading to find out how.

* Vs brushing with a SMFP/sodium monofluorophosphate paste

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Patient motivation and behaviours

Patient insights drawn from our Usage & Attitude study (U&A) explore patient motivations and behaviours in addressing their gingival health issues and additional oral health concerns.1

Different people need different approaches, both in empathy and motivation.1

For illustrative purposes, we have developed some patient profiles to help you better encourage behaviour change and select the most suitable oral health product for each individual.

To learn more about helping your patients to adopt better oral care habits, take a look at the interviews with patients and experts in behaviour change for some helpful tips.

  • Different perspectives. Different needs

    Woman brushing teeth in the mirror

    The unsure patient

    Some patients are aware they have oral health issues but may be too self-conscious or embarrassed to open a conversation with you – for example, about malodour. They are motivated to change their oral care habits but often don’t know how.1

    Simply reassuring them that there is a solution may be sufficient to help them make changes to their oral health routine.1

    Recommending a specialist toothpaste – such as Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity – could be the starting point for a more in-depth conversation about ways to improve their gingival health care.

    See how the unique formulation, containing stannous fluoride and zinc, works and what this could mean for these patients..

    Read on to find out more

  • The naïve patient

    A man examines his inner mouth in the bathroom mirror searching for signs of gingivitis or gum disease.

    Some patients are unaware that they have early signs of potential gum disease.

    Although they may notice bleeding when they brush, they do not see this as a worry and believe their oral health is good.1

    You can help these patients understand the significance of the symptoms they are already experiencing. They may also benefit from a specialist gum health toothpaste, like parodontax.

    Find out how the specialist sodium bicarbonate formulation of parodontax Complete Protection can help patients like these.

    Read more

Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity : a unique formulation containing stannous fluoride and zinc

Stannous fluoride & zinc works in three ways to support you and help your patients enhance their brushing efforts, for their gingival health, dentine hypersensitivity and malodour protection.

Its unique formulation contains stannous fluoride:

1. Clinically proven to reduce plaque build-up and keep gingiva healthy2

  • Inhibits regrowth of plaque bacteria
  • By disrupting their metabolic activity
  • Thus, limiting their viability

2. Protects against dentine sensitivity3

  • Forms a protective layer over vulnerable areas of the exposed dentine
  • To provide long-lasting protection against dentine hypersensitivity*

It also contains zinc:

3.Helps to freshen patients’ breath4,5

  • Zinc ions attach to plaque bacteria
  • Creating a layer that binds to malodorous sulfur compounds
  • Neutralising them to freshen breath

Want to know more?

Read more about the efficacy of stannous fluoride in our clinical studies

*Twice daily brushing

  • Clinical Outcomes: Gingival Health

    Graph showing that paradontax toothpaste can help reduce plaque by up to 20% compared with other toothpastes

    Clinically proven to enhance plaque removal and keep gingiva healthy*2

    Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity removes 3x more plaque buildup than a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste (p<0.0001)**2

    *Vs a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste, with twice daily brushing**with twice daily brushing


    Clinically proven to reduce bleeding index*2

    The stannous fluoride in parodontax Gum+ Sensitivity & Breath provides a 1.5x reduction in gingival bleeding** vs a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste (p<0.0001)***2

    *Vs an SMFP paste with, with twice daily brushing **gingival bleeding is a clinical measure of gingival health ***reduction vs baseline, with twice daily brushing

    Read more about our gingival health clinical studies with stannous fluoride

    Access now

  • Clinical Outcomes: Dentine Hypersensitivity

    Graph showing that paradontax toothpaste can help reduce dentine sensitivity up to 8x more than other toothpastes

    Clinically proven, long-lasting protection against dentine hypersensitivity*3

    The stannous fluoride in Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity delivers a clinically significant reduction in sensitivity score vs a regular toothpaste (p<0.0001)*3

    *With twice daily brushing

    You could help relieve your patients’ sensitivity symptoms by recommending parodontax

  • Clinical Outcomes: Malodour

    Graphic showing how paradontax toothpaste uses zinc to help neutralise odours

    Neutralises malodorous volatile compounds to help purify the breath

    Parodontax Gum + Breath & Sensitivity contains zinc to neutralise the malodorous sulfur compounds (VSCs) produced by oral bacteria, helping to freshen your patients’ breath4-6

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