Parodontax Science: Gum Disease Treatment & Prevention

Discover the advanced technologies in our range of specially formulated products – find out how they can support the work you do and how they can benefit your patients.

Sodium bicarbonate action science

Parodontax science: sodium bicarbonate formulations

Take a closer look at the formulation Parodontax Daily Gum Health toothpaste

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Chlorhexidine digluconate actionscience

Parodontax science: chlorhexidine digluconate formulations

Find out how the formulation Parodontax Extra Treatment could be an effective gum disease treatment to help your patients with gum problems.

Browse our Parodontax product range for more oral care formulas and find out more about gum management as a dental professional.

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Stannous Fluoride action science

The science of Stannous fluoride formulation

Interact with the clinical science of stannous fluoride, which demonstrates how it enhances patients brushing, by removing plaque and improving gingivitis outcomes

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