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An overview of Polident: designed to help maintain denture performance for everyday life

The transition from natural teeth to dentures can be challenging, with new wearers often having unrealistic expectations for their dentures.1,2

Polident helps to maintain optimal denture performance and hygiene for people with dentures.

Polident denture adhesives3

  • Improved retention
  • Help seal out food particles

Polident denture cleansers3

  • Reduced levels of biofilm*
  • Reduced potentially harmful bacteria and fungi*

*vs. soaking in water only

Factors affecting denture performance

Factors affecting denture performance

Individual medical, physical and psychological factors can all have an impact on best-fitting denture and performance.

  • Up to 48% of denture wearers suffer from xerostomia*4
  • Up to 67% of full denture wearers have denture stomatitis6

*In a study conducted by Takayama et al. 2005

†In an observational study

Food trapped under dentrures
  • Up to 86% of denture wearers complain of food getting trapped under their dentures5
  • Over 80% of denture wearers use regular toothpaste to clean their dentures7,8
  • Up to 63% of full denture wearers have biofilm and calculus on their dentures†9

In an observational study

People may struggle with denture performance and hygiene despite having their dentures optimised for best fit.

  • Nisha, 41

    Lady with glasses smiling

    Has issues with oral anatomy

    Complains of: “The dentures have been slipping, especially when I eat. I don’t feel I can rely on them staying in all day”

    After treatment with Polident: “The adhesive means that my dentures stay in place. I feel much more confident having lunch with colleagues”

    Disclaimer: all cases and quotes are fictional and for illustrative purposes only

  • Greg, 68

    Grey-haired man looks at camera

    Has issues with xerostomia

    Complains of: “My dentures feel loose a lot of the time and they’re making my mouth sore. They keep sticking to my lips, cheeks and tongue – it’s annoying”

    After treatment with Polident:“A dab of adhesive before I put them in means I don’t have to worry about annoying slipping. They just stay in place a lot better”

    Disclaimer: all cases and quotes are fictional and for illustrative purposes only

  • Kelly, 45

    Lady outside smiling at camera

    Has issues with getting used to dentures

    Complains of:“If you get something little and hard trapped between your gums and your dentures – like potato chips – it feels like you’re eating nails. And there’s the falling out…”

    After treatment with Polident:“The adhesive gives me freedom from worrying about what I eat”

    Disclaimer: all cases and quotes are fictional and for illustrative purposes only

  • Mary, 55

    Headshot of lady on busy street

    Has issues with general denture hygiene

    Complains of: “You worry a lot about your breath – odour. I am very careful about getting too close to people when I talk. It affects my intimacy with my husband as well”

    After treatment with Polident:“Knowing that I’m using the best denture hygiene routine gives me the confidence to get close without worrying”

    Disclaimer: all cases and quotes are fictional and for illustrative purposes only

  • Chris, 48

    Man outside looking at camera

    Has issues with denture stomatitis

    Complains of: “I’ve never really bothered about my teeth to be honest, and I find it equally hard to think about cleaning my dentures…”

    After treatment with Polident:“Now I just drop them into a glass of water with the tablet at night – lights off, job done”

    Disclaimer: all cases and quotes are fictional and for illustrative purposes only

Product formulation action

Polident denture adhesives

Polident denture adhesives are formulated to help stabilise, secure and maintain denture performance.10,11

Polident denture cleansers

Polident denture cleansers contain four active ingredients, which work together to maintain denture hygiene while minimising scratching.12,13

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Discover Polident cleansers and adhesives

Polident cleansers

Polident cleansers

Helping individuals to keep their dentures clean every day.

Polident adhesives

Polident adhesives

Helping individuals to maintain denture performance every day.

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