Patient Behaviour Change

If we want to change behaviour, motivation is everything

If we want to change behaviour, motivation is everything

With your focus on patient-centred care, we’re here to support you on one of the toughest aspects: patient behaviour change.

We all know that good brushing habits are key to managing gingivitis and more advanced gum disease, but from the patients’ perspective, it’s easier said than done. Changing patient behaviour is vital in achieving better patient outcomes and improving gum health.

But how do you get them to care about their gums when teeth are their focus?

How do you persuade patients to change their habits when it’s believed that 50% of advice given to them during dental appointments is forgotten by the time they leave the practice?

And how do you help them retain that advice and follow it where it matters most: at home?

parodontax has been working with behaviour change professionals and patients to find out how – collectively – we can inspire the habits that improve gum health and help prevent gum disease.

It’s led to us co-creating some simple behavioural change tools to do just that.

The tools are modelled on patient insights and the principles of behaviour change: that people need the capability, opportunity and motivation to change if they’re to sustain new habits.

To make the theory real, we’ve created a mini video series highlighting how you can help patients on their habit-changing journey, with simple tools for further support.

Watch our short videos to hear experiences of patients with gum disease, and expert advice from behavioural change professionals who work in dental teams.

Download our practical in-clinic tools to support you in helping your patients change their behaviour for better gum health.

Expert Endorsements

"I'm pleasantly surprised with the taste. This is much better than the earlier version. Patients will accept this taste."

-Dentist from Mumbai

"67% sodium bicarbonate is one of the best molecules in plaque removal. Parodontax should be used as regular management for patients with faster plaque build-up."

-Dentist from Bangalore

"I tried it with few of my patients and they had to adjust in first few days. But after 1 week they now find the taste acceptable."

-Dentist from Delhi

"One patient told me that now she doesn't feel cleaning is done properly with any other toothpaste. Parodontax gives that perfect cleaning at base of teeth."

-Dentist from Mumbai



When patients relate to the condition and understand its seriousness and how could affect their life, they are moved to change.

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Simple steps and achievable goals help patients take control to improve their gum health.

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When patients experience ongoing training, engagement and support, they maintain good habits.

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Gum health hacks

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Gums are rarely front of mind for patients, but as you know, gum health is vital for a healthy mouth. These five simple tips are designed to help you support behavior change to tackle gum disease.


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