Tension-type headache causes

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What are they?

Tension-type headache

Tension-type headache (TTH) is a head pain that occurs in frequent or infrequent shorter episodes (episodic*) or that is regularly or constantly present (chronic).1 TTH are usually mild or moderate in intensity and may present as a “pressing” or “tightening” quality. It is usually not aggravated by physical activity.

Pathophysiology, causes and triggers of tension-type headaches

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Pathophysiology of tension-type headaches2

The mechanism of TTH is not clearly known. It may originate from tensed muscles especially around the neck area and can be stress-related.

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    TTH are caused by either factors related to increased feeling of stress and/or problems with the neck muscles.

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    The triggers for TTH are similar to migraines. The main trigger is related to stress or mental tension. Other triggers associated with TTH are sleep problems, fatigue, weather changes, menstruation and the inability to relax after work.

Understanding headaches

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Headaches overview

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How do they present?

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Signs and symptoms

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