Poligrip Overview

Poligrip denture fixative product packshots

Products for patients with removable dental appliances

For patients with dentures:

The transition from natural teeth to dentures can be challenging, with patients new to dentures often having unrealistic expectations for their dentures1,2

The Poligrip range offers a choice of denture fixatives and cleanser products for removable dental appliances.

Poligrip denture fixatives are:

  • Proven to improve hold for up to 12 hours*
  • Clinically proven to significantly improve retention, food seal and comfort even with well-fitting dentures*

For patients with other removable dental appliances:

Poligrip Mouth Guard & Retainer cleanser

  • Kill odour-causing bacteria3**
  • Formulation with Crystal Clear technology

*vs no fixative

**in vitro

Common oral health conditions seen in patients with dentures

Factors affecting denture performance

Denture wearers may have other oral health conditions4,5

  • As many as 48% of denture wearers suffer from xerostomia4
  • As many as 67% of elderly full denture wearers have denture stomatitis5
Food trapped under dentrures

Food trapped under dentures

As many as 86% of denture wearers complain of food getting trapped under their dentures6*

Study of 263 denture wearers completed in Canada.

Poligrip fixative

Sub-optimal cleaning

Patients may adopt sub-optimal cleaning routines e.g. soap or bleach7

Patient insights on removable dental appliances

  • David 56, Has issues with food seal

    Poligrip user David smiling with confidence

    Has issues with food seal

    Complains of:”even though the fit [of my dentures] was great, I found myself in a toilet somewhere taking out the denture and rinsing it under the tap to get food off it”

    After using Poligrip: “I feel confident the denture won’t move and it also provides a seal so that no food gets under the denture”

  • Lynn 61, Has issues with retention

    Poligrip user Lynn speaking with confidence

    Has issues with retention

    Complains of: “In terms of my job as an actress, I have a camera pointed at my face most weeks, so when I am doing something like a play or say a film, the last thing I want to be thinking about are, are my dentures okay? Can people see them? Are they moving?”

    After using Poligrip: “It's not just in terms of sort of, the fixative just keeping the dentures in place, it's also the confidence that no matter what you're doing, who you're talking to, you're not going to have dentures moving”

  • David 56, Had issues with getting used to dentures

    Denture patient David speaking with dentist

    Had issues with getting used to dentures

    Complained of:“When I first put the dentures in, they felt really big in my mouth and it felt awkward.”

    After using Poligrip:“for me personally, the [Poligrip] fixatives were very important. The confidence I get from fixatives really helps.”

Finding effective daily hygiene routines with removable appliances may pose a challenge

  • Patients may worry about breath odour associated with retainers

    Woman holding removable retainer

    A patient may have concerns about breath odour when wearing her retainer

    A patient might say for example: I worry about odour from my retainer but find it hard to know how to clean it. Sometimes I forget to brush it…instead giving it a quick rinse…

    After using Poligrip, a patient might say: I feel confident that my retainer is clean. The cleanser removes bacteria which may cause breath odour.

Discover the technologies powering the Poligrip range

Poligrip fixatives action: increases hold, improves comfort and minimises food entrapment

Poligrip denture fixatives

Poligrip fixatives are proven to significantly improve retention, food seal and comfort with well-fitting dentures.*

Poligrip denture cleansers

Poligrip denture cleansers are designed to kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria.**

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*vs, no adhesive

**in vitro

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Discover the Poligrip range for patients with removable dental appliances

Poligrip denture fixatives product packshots

Poligrip denture fixatives

Poligrip fixatives are proven to significantly improve retention, food seal and comfort with well-fitting dentures*

*vs no fixative

Poligrip Max Hold & Seal fixative packs

Poligrip Max Hold & Seal denture fixative

Poligrip Max Hold + Seal offers Poligrip’s strongest hold* which is clinically proven for up to 12 hours.

*within Poligrip range

Poligrip Pro Guard and Retainer packshots

Poligrip Pro Guard & Retainer

Proven to kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria* and help remove tough stains.

*in vitro

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Clinical study

White paper on optimal care and maintenance of full dentures for oral and general health

Developed by a global expert taskforce as part of the Oral Health Foundation, sponsored by Haleon (formerly, GSK Consumer Healthcare) this paper provides guidance on optimal denture care. Supported by best evidence, they are based on consensus from key international experts.


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