Pronamel Science: Preventing Tooth Erosion and Maintaining Enamel

The unique formulation of Pronamel1–10

A unique optimised formulation that delivers superior fluoride uptake*1,2

Pronamel contains 1450ppm fluoride in an optimised formulation designed to maximise intraoral fluoride. By omitting components that inhibit fluoride uptake, which are present in many fluoride toothpastes, this unique Pronamel dual-action formulation enhances remineralisation and inhibits demineralisation, strengthening and protecting enamel.1–4

Pronamel optimised formulation:

  • No phosphates2,6,7
  • No polyvalent metal ions7
  • Ionic form of fluoride7
  • No SLS8
  • Neutral pH9
  • Low abrasivity†10,12

SLS, sodium lauryl sulphate*Compared with tested, non-optimised fluoride toothpastesOnly Pronamel Daily Protection and Pronamel Extra Fresh

Dual protection of enamel

Dual protection for stronger, more resilient enamel7,13

The unique Pronamel formulation actively improves mineral uptake and leaves enamel more resilient to subsequent acid challenges.7,13

In vitro SEM images of enamel cross-sections show variations in mineral density14SEM, scanning electron microscope

Not all fluoride toothpastes are the same5,15

How Pronamel protects against tooth erosion

Recommend Pronamel as an effective way to prevent tooth erosion and maintain enamel strength

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste

Pronamel products are designed to help protect against enamel wear7,17,19–21

Sensodyne Pronamel – helping protect your patients against enamel wear

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